Troubleshooting - Classlink

  • ClassLink Troubleshooting Checklist When checking a students inability to properly access ClassLink or Tiles within ClassLink, please verify the following items have been checked prior to reporting a Helpdesk ticket/email asking to resolve the login issue. Most issues are required to be resolved locally as they are due to issues controlled by the school itself.

The Helpdesk will ask you if you have checked these items first as these are things that MUST be handled by the school staff and are outside of the Helpdesks ability to assist with:

Is the student's AD account active: When we bulk reset all of your student passwords at the beginning of the year, this is a onetime event. Any new students created in AD after that date are disabled with a blank password by default. Student accounts will not be able to login to computers or ClassLink if their accounts are still disabled. Solution: You will need to go into AD and enable the accounts and set the password. A disabled account will have a down arrow on the icon in Active Directory. An enabled account will not have an arrow on the account. NOTE: Expired Status - accts do NOT have a special icon indicator like a DISABLED acct. techs will need to look at the student properties to verify the acct being expired potentially) NOTE: Elementary schools- you will need to add these accounts to the passwordpolicy-elementarystudent group before you set the password. If you don’t then you can’t set them as the Lunch PIN because otherwise, the password has to meet the domain password complexity requirements.

Password Issues: Student tries to log into ClassLink but can't even though you have reset their password. Solution: Student needs to log into the computer locally first using their own credentials (NOT a generic login) and set the password for their initial login. Student acct set to change the password on next login in AD will not be prompted for this unless the account is logging into the computer itself as themselves. This will cause ClassLink to refuse to let them log in until they have set their passwords. Alt option: Techcon removes the set new password at next login option and set the password to the school standard.

Security Groups in AD: Students or faculty/staff MUST be placed in the appropriate security group before ClassLink can apply the tiles assigned to that specific security group. Solution: Verify the user missing the tile has been placed into the appropriate security group

Missing Tiles: Students or Faculty has been properly placed in the correct Security group in AD, but they still can't see the tiles they are supposed to have. Solution: Students or faculty will not be able to see a tile if the Techcon has not assigned that tile to the security group in question. Open the EdTech Dashboard tile in ClassLink and verify the tile has been assigned to the proper security groups. (Best method is to search for the tile needed and then click ASSIGN and then select the "Assigned Only" checkbox to see the groups you have assigned that tile to)

Transfer Students from other schools: Student has transferred from another school in the district and they can't log into the computer or ClassLink but they could at their other school. Solution: You will need to check these accounts to see if they are disabled. If they not, then enable them. You will need to set the passwords for these students to match your school's password standard. NOTE: Elementary schools-Elementary schools- not all schools choose the same password standards for all grade levels.

Student acct keeps being disabled repeatedly: If you have a student that has been enabled and keeps repeatedly being disabled for no apparent reason, please let us know. Solution: Most likely this student has a bad enrollment record and actually has TWO different Student ID numbers. This sometimes when a student use to be here, left and then returned and someone accidentally enrolls him as if they are a brand new student instead of a returning student. We have to correct his records in the SIS (Focus) AND AD to resolve this problem. Please do not try to do any workarounds, or edits the student's information without letting us know about this student

Students can’t see their textbook material in ClassLink: Assuming they have the proper tile(s) (Renaissance Connect, MyHRW, Glencoe/McGrawHill, HMH, etc.) visible, but when they open them, they can’t see their content or it’s for the wrong grade level, the lack the proper content being assigned by the teacher Solution: Teachers of those students MUST assign their students the appropriate textbook content using the admin tile for those textbooks before a student can see the text in the system. If they y do nof they were assigned a text previously, they will only be able to see their previous years textbook.